Our Curriculum

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Our Philosophy

1. Each child's potential for learning is grealy increased when an educator provides a safe, warm, and nurturing enviornment!

Little World Preschool beleives that each child is unique and needs to be treated uniquely. Our goal is to provide an enviornment in which the children meet their cognitive, emotional, social, intellectual, and phsical needs. We beleive that the best learning experiences occur when a child is given access to hands-on activities and provided enough time and space to play, discover, and use his/her imagination.

2. Giving students different materials and enouraging them to make their own choices will help students to beleive in themselves and be independent.

We beleive that the curriculum should be built around the students' interests because it will motivate them to learn. Encouraging students to share their opinions, respect and love each other is an important part of our curriculum. We try our best to provide a loving envronment so that the child will feel welcomed and feel like they are at home.

3. Each child's prospective for learning is enhanced when the family is involved with the curriculum.

Little World Preschool respects the student's parents, beliefs, culture, identity and ideas. We are supporting parents to develop learning oppurtunities for their children. Sudents who are supported and helped to find who they are will be able to be successful in life.