Preschool Learning

It is said that no two individuals are exactly alike, and neither are two preschoolers. Young students are going to school and are being thrust into an important but nonetheless tough educational environment. It is important to know that your child may not learn like other children or will have a different style than their friends. The following discussion centers on what styles of learning there are in order that you can better understand what type of learner your child is. By having this knowledge, you can better help them to achieve success in school and, ultimately, life.

Learning Style 1: Visual

Even in preschoolers, some children will learn better when they see something explained through writing or demonstration. Preschoolers who favor this method need examples, physical or otherwise, to really learn. Try using pictures or drawings to explain the concepts that they need to learn. Use written words with pictures so that they can connect the two. For example, for the concept of autumn try a picture of a fall leave next to the word or have them draw a picture of something that connects the concept to the word. In this way, your child will be able to learn through their eyes.

Learning Style 2: Auditory

For students that are auditory learners, the ears are the key. Sounds and music can really help bring concepts to life, as well as directive speech. Make sure when working with children that prefer this method, put concepts to music and sound. Try songs that have important topics in them so that they can absorb more information while being distracted by sound and fun lyrics. Try talking to them and really explaining age appropriate concepts as you teach. This will allow them to learn through their ears and have those concepts absorbing into them in no time.

Learning Style 3: Tactile

Students who prefer the tactile approach need movement when they learn. They need to feel like they are doing something or that their body is moving while they are learning.  Try using physical activities like games that involve the mind and the body. This will distract them, again, with fun while they are learning. Set goals or incorporate sports and movement into their everyday ventures and you may see stunning results.

Learning Style Wrap-Up

Your preschoolers’ learning style may not be easy to discern. After all, they are young learners. One way to teach them is to try a concept with all three learning styles combined. This will have them using their eyes, ears, and bodies and ensure that they will absorb the knowledge. Or, try using different approaches separately when teaching preschool topics to them. Quizzing them after, in a gentle way of course, will allow for a comparative analysis of learning styles. It will bring clarity to you, and maybe them, about how they should approach learning in the future. Talk to your students’ teacher as well about their behavior and successes, as well as failures, in school. You will learn just as much from where the fall short as you will from where they do well.