Preschool Safety

When your child heads off to school, you will no longer be able to keep that extra eye on them as they head off on their own. This can be a terrifying prospect for many parents and caregivers. However, while some worrying is natural and will always occur, preparing your child with safety skills can leave you feeling more at ease as they venture out into the world. It can also leave your child feeling more empowered and confident in tough situations, too! The following are some important topics you may want to go over with your child before they head off for school.

Allergies & Health Scares

If your child has an allergy to food or another substance, it is important to explain their issue to them and why they need to avoid certain situations. Tell them to listen for keywords that mention things they are allergic to and to consult an adult if they are worried about an allergy attack. Use a health bracelet or special piece of jewelry that signifies their health concern and tell them that it is a special piece of jewelry just for them. This will leave your child feeling more confident about their health concern and speaking up and can provide you with a special moment.

Have them go with you when you pick out a health jewelry item with the symbol for their health concern. If the time presents itself, at show and tell or another, ask if they feel comfortable telling their classmates about their issue. It can allow them to feel open and gets an issue that may potentially cause alienation one that is no longer taboo. Of course, as you know, inform your child’s teacher about a concern, but don’t stop there. Ask that all teachers, custodial staff, cafeteria personnel, and any other individual who may come into contact with your child about their health issue, too.

Picture Time

Use pictures to explain topics to your child. Use a picture of fire when you talk about fire safety or a weapon as a way to talk about potential violence. This will be age appropriate and allow them to know what to look for in dangerous situations. Further, try using pictures of cigarettes, pills, or other age appropriate pictures to explain what to do if someone presence them with these bad substances.

Stranger Danger

Talk to your children about trusting their instincts. They may not know the word instincts but talking about that funny feeling they get when they are uncomfortable can allow them to listen to what their minds are telling them about people in their lives. Make it an open and non-threatening conversation between everyone and they will be more likely to come to you if that “icky” feeling creeps up on them. The line of communication is important and should remain open. Starting the conversation early can really help them as they begin their school journey.

Safety Importance

Just like with any other topic, safety conversations should be serious but fun for your children. Use the above tips to bring about a conversation and start a dialogue that will help your child traverse the potential dangerous parts of life. They will be more prepared and you will be more at ease, at least a little bit.