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Mary Costello

I can’t think of a better introduction to schooling than Little World Preschool. Lots of love, a little discipline and plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragements and understanding. The staff provided a very loving, nurturing and safe environment for them while developing their social skills, confidence, and preparing them for Kindergarten. I have to thank you for making my kid’s first school experience so special.

Adrine I.

…They are also very helpful when us parents have question and amazing with their academy for the kids…They cook daily, healthy meals.

Sofia Gil

The learning lessons are fun, and enriched by arts and crafts projects, and field trips. I applaud all of their hard work. We are very lucky to have such a great Preschool in our community.

Christa Lopez

Little world preschool provides a nurturing and caring environment while preparing children both academically and socially for kindergarten. Ms. Anna and her staff are attentive to the needs of each of their students. My son feels loved and safe at Little World Preschool.

Esther Leon

Little World Preschool is amazing! My children have grown so much in so many ways! The teachers are wonderful and love the children very much! They spend extra time to helop the children accomplish where they struggle and thrive where they are strong. I am very appreciative of this program and I cannot wait to enroll my youngest. We love little world preschool!