What To Feed Your Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Every parent struggles with knowing what to feed their children. They want to balance health and nutrition with foods that will actually be enjoyable for their kids and taste good. Tater tots and chicken nuggets may be popular, but there are many other options for children looking to feed their young preschoolers and kindergarteners. The following information is meant to help parents navigate the potential minefield of tantrum inducing moments that can be involved when feeding your children.

Sandwiches v. Wraps

Sandwiches are a popular children’s treat. However, this is not the only way to present a fun food to your child. There is no doubt that peanut butter and jelly can go over well, but try something different. Rather than using white bread, try using a whole wheat wrap or pita. These wraps are nutritiously beneficial and can give your little preschooler something fun to fill up on while at school. Fill them with your favorite toppings or foods and send them on their way. The wrap will disguise any perceived to be fear inducing food for your little one and give them a hidden nutritional treat. If you have a strong food culture in your family, try combining some of your favorite family foods in the wrap and allow them to develop a taste for it. They will be so happy and having fun while eating that they won’t even question your choice!

Hide The Fruit!

Peanut butter and jelly are a fan favorite among young children, but it does not really open their palette to new and more nutritional foods. Try combining peanut butter with another fruit. Bananas make a great addition and combination, as do strawberries and raspberries. They will give the fruit flavor with a more nutritional punch. Further, it can make your children become acquired to flavors that they would not even try in their raw form. Also, in sandwiches or wraps try adding cream cheese instead of peanut butter. It is less sugary and will give the same texture as peanut butter with a more protein packed bite. Protein is important for little ones in order to think better and function well at school. Introduce it to them in a non-threatening way such as in a sandwich and see how their taste buds respond.

Love Your Child Through Food

Try adding a little note to your children’s food. Lunchtime can be a time for a child to settle down and really think about mom or dad or a caregiver that they are missing at home. A little note in their lunchbox can make this time more appealing and fun. This can be especially important for students who are feeling alienated or left out by classmates. Adding a message that reminds them that there is someone who misses them and wants them to do well at school until they can be rejoined can turn a rainy day into a sunny one.

Food Woes

Part of your children fighting back against what you feed them is due to the fact that they are simply testing boundaries. This is normal. Tantrums are normal, but the above information may provide you with some less conflict-inducing lunches that will get your children on the right and healthy track.